10 thesis statement examples for advanced literary analysis essays – Guide 2022

Different categories of essays have been introduced after identifying the different writing purposes. These different types of essays are rhetorical, persuasive, argumentative, expository, reflective, and literary analysis essays. Every type of essay can be written by essay writing service for a specific purpose. For example, to argue on a specific topic an argumentative essay is used. To persuade or convince the reader on a point or stance, a persuasive essay is used. Writers cannot use persuasive essays to argue on a point and vice versa. That is these different types of essays are used depending on the need and the purpose for which the essay is written. Therefore, there is a great need for that writer and students to know about these different types of essays and they should recognize the differences between these types.
A literary analysis essay as its name implies is an analysis essay that analyzes sources like poems, plays, novels, short stories, etc. That is, an essay writer can analyze any type of literary writing in a literary analysis essay. Students and writers should not confuse literary analysis essays with rhetorical or other types of essays. Neither should they consider a literary analysis essay as a summary of the writing source. As it is not a summary rather is a detailed analysis of the writing source such as it involves an analysis of the language, text structure, perspective, etc. It also involves an analysis of the way the author has used literary devices in the text to convey ideas and produce necessary effects. The main structure of the literary analysis essay is just like that of an academic essay. That is it involves an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs which can be divided based on the writer's understanding and choice, and a conclusion.
10 examples of thesis statement for advanced literary analysis essays
A thesis statement is a bit different for different types of essays. For example, an argumentative essay will involve the main perspective or stance of the writer with supporting arguments to support the perspective. An advanced literary analysis essay would involve the main argument with details from the work or writing material. 10 examples of thesis statements for an advanced literary analysis essay are mentioned below:
How does John Bunyan portray the character of Christian in the novel The Pilgrim’s Progress?
In “The Ballad of Rudolph Reed” poet Gwendolyn Brooks describes how the poet used the standard poetic form to treat racial intolerance which is the non-standardized poetic form.
How does Charlotte Brontë link the characters Edward Rochester and Maria Temple in Novel Jane Eyre?
Victor Frankenstein’s role is presented in a negative light by Shelley.
The fortune of the central characters in Antigone demonstrates the threat of extreme arrogance.
The descriptions in Fern Hill, a poem by Dylan Thomas expose the vagueness of a person's bond with nature.
John Updike has neither named his story “Sammy Quits” nor has he named it “Youthful Rebellion” or but “A & P”.
Phoenix Jackson’s fictional character in A Worn Path has illustrated the unconquerable human essence.
In Romeo and Juliet, the character Nurse has made readers realize the tragic catastrophe.
Willa Cather highlights the suicidal behavior of Paul exquisitely.
These were 10 thesis statement examples for advanced literary analysis essays. Thesis statements for literary analysis essays will be based on the story or characters identified in the novel, story, poem, etc. students often hesitate when they are asked to write a literary analysis essay in the assignment, and thus they seek help from others to write my essay. But writing literary analysis essays is not that tough. The student or writer just needs to know about the source about which he/she is writing and the type of essay.
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